The Xiao family is very harmonious, and there has never been a property dispute, if not for Rebecca did not push people, she would not have been the vice president, how tired ah. When Xiao Lengting said his situation, because he was afraid that his own company would be suspected by R company, he asked his grandfather to come forward with the Xiao family. Sure enough, even the elder did not suspect, but also took the initiative to set the bet, anyway, the elder took the initiative, even if the time to know his identity is his business, he did not breach the contract. As soon as the Xiao family heard about this, they all said they wanted to help Xiao Lengting, and that night they discussed this big project of billions of yuan. It can be said that billions of yuan were originally thrown out for the beginning of summer. Of course, it is not in vain. As businessmen, they will certainly make money. People have worked hard to set this trap and are waiting for the beginning of summer. Now that she has been trapped, how can Xiao Lengting refuse. Hearing that he had promised himself so easily, the whole meal at the beginning of the summer was not very real, as if it were a dream. It was not until Xiao Lengting sent her back to the villa and told her to come out again tomorrow and go to the scene for a field trip and then talk about the cooperation in detail that there was a real feeling at the beginning of summer. Don’t stay up too late at night. Go to bed early. Good night. As before,Fish measuring board, he kissed her forehead. He knew the character of early summer, even if he promised her cooperation, she would collect a lot of information in order to be foolproof, and used to stay up all night. Good night Watching him leave at the beginning of summer, I really got used to his touch more and more, and even thought of his goodnight kiss every time we parted. Early summer stroked her belly, her heart was crazy,Pi tape measure, on the one hand, she did not know where the father of the baby in her belly was now, why not come to find herself. On the one hand, she is very self-reproach, she saw Xiao Lengting every day not to say, at night will dream of him. Every night, the dream is different, sometimes on a boat in the sea, sometimes in a seaside villa. She must be crazy, even dreamed that she and Xiao Lengting had lived together, although missed him during the day, but also did not come to this point ah? The beginning of the summer shook his head. If it goes on like this, he will really be sorry for the father of the child. The beginning of the summer decided to keep a relationship with Xiao Lengting after this project. She was afraid that if she continued to contact him, she would really fall in love with this gentle and considerate man. In a word, Horse weight lbs ,Walking tape measure, she had already confirmed the matter of the contract. Even if Xiao Lengting cheated others again, he would not cheat her. At the beginning of the summer, he knew that Anmio was finished. But this time the contract is so easy to get, she still feel not very realistic, obviously she went to approach Xiao Lengting, who knows will become the present situation? Xiao Lengting to her that is not a little bit of good, is simply spoiled to the bone, a lot of action is clearly the TV drama male to female do that. This man’s gentleness is a kind of poison, which has slowly penetrated into her heart. Summer early hurriedly shook his head, she should not think too much, perhaps he is so good to everyone? The thought that if he is so good to others, Xia Chu’s heart is very sour, damn, she is really poisoned too deeply. Xiao Lengting also returned to the apartment before the beginning of the summer, in fact, he also has several properties here, since with the beginning of the summer together, where is his home. It’s nice to live in a small apartment instead of a big villa. This is the house where I lived for a year at the beginning of summer. Living here is like living with the beginning of summer. Lying on the double bed they had slept in before, Xiao Lengting broke his fingers to count how many days he had been away at the beginning of summer. Although they had seen each other every day these days, he had to appear beside her as a friend, and God knows how suffocated he was. It’s hard for him to pretend that he doesn’t like her at all! When the project is finalized and he succeeds in becoming the head of the family in early summer, he will tell her in person that he is the father of the child. In addition, if the Great Elder is the project leader this time, I don’t know what kind of wonderful expression he has? In short, he had lost the bet, and early summer fell in love with himself unconsciously. Little rabbit, if we wait, we can be together forever and never be separated again.
Chapter 828 confession. On the roof of the hotel garden, Rebecca pushed open the door of the roof, but there was no sign of Anmio on the roof. Mio, are you here? After a few steps, there was still no answer. Rebecca looked curiously to the side. The text message said that there was no mistake here. She took a few more steps forward. „“ Before the words fell, there was a yellow light around her. She was standing in a heart-shaped circle of light, and the trees and plants beside her were full of small lights. Something seemed to fall from the sky. Rebecca reached out and a white rose fell into her hand. Among the rose petals flying all over the sky, Amy walked out with a bunch of Rebecca’s favorite white roses. Previously, Rebecca knew that this man’s tricks on women were very powerful, and she had seen a lot these days, but she still couldn’t compare with the surprise of this moment. Rebecca. He called her name softly and handed the white rose to Rebecca. How do you know I like white roses best? Rebecca asked with some surprise. I know everything about you. Rebecca, iloveyou, will you be my girlfriend? Rebecca knew his purpose from the moment he approached him, and he couldn’t wait to get closer to himself as soon as the project came out today. The heart has long expected him to do so, on the surface also pretended to be very surprised, „you like me?“ „Rebecca, I fell in love with you from the moment I saw you. I thought you were an angel who fell into the earth. I never believed in love before I met you. After I met you, I suddenly wanted to have a home with you. I like you. No,horse weight tape, I love you.“ Over the years, he has expressed his love to many women, but no woman has really attracted him. Rebecca is the first and last one.

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