Under the blue sky, the tall buildings of the Kerry Center silently say: Shanghai welcomes you. As soon as I entered the company, the front desk was empty. Tang Fang even suspected that he had misremembered the date. Passing the main meeting room, someone poked his head out, and suddenly there was a burst of firecrackers inside, which startled her. A group of people poured out of the conference room. Teacher Tang is mighty! „The queen of goods!“ „Everyone hugs Teacher Tang’s golden thighs.“ Tang Fang was kidnapped into the conference room. It’s like a celebration meeting inside. Banners, balloons, confetti on the ground, and jubilant colleagues with blurry faces. He Kaiwen and Tang Fang looked at each other in the corner and lowered their heads. Vivian, the devil in Chanel next door, walked up quickly and hugged Tang Fang vigorously: „Not much to say, Tang Fang, you must come to the celebration banquet tonight.“ Zhang Wei, who is in charge of the official micro-blog, has a slightly subtle expression: „Miss Chung must also be invited.“ „Shh! Miss Chung is getting out of the elevator.“ July, with a red face,Coil nail machine, pushed the door and came in, gesturing excitedly. Tang Fang was half held and half dragged by Vivian to the center of the conference room. In the distance, there was the sound of Miss Chung’s high-heeled shoes colliding regularly with the wooden floor, and then suddenly disappeared. Here it comes. Someone suppressed a laugh and announced in a low voice. The so-called Surprise has come again. I don’t know who stuffed a firecracker in Tang Fang’s hand, but she didn’t pull it. Miss Zhong’s delicate makeup appeared at the door, and the crowd was excited again. Miss Zhong’s rather surprised expression seemed to indicate that she had nothing to do with selling Steamed Small Meat Dumpling in Basket. She made a gesture to push Vivian away: „Crazy!“! Don’t you have to go to work? And why did you hook up with my Fang? „In front of me? „Happy,nail manufacturing machine, can’t I? I’m going to start hooking up seriously.“ Vivian’s smile is more charming than Miss Zhong’s. The two men laughed shoulder to shoulder, and their high chins almost collided. Zhang Wei stretched out his hands to indicate that he had something to say. The meeting room slowly quieted down. Tonight, our department will treat you to ten thousand islands, and all colleagues are invited to come and guide us! Zhang Wei smiled and raised his hands: „Just drink me, please let my boss go.“ After a burst of booing and laughter, Zhang Wei announced: „Special thanks to Miss Chung for proposing a win-win cooperation between the official micro-blog and Tang Fang’s private public account.“. We reprinted Mr. Tang Fang’s push, creating the best results since the establishment of Guanwei. In three days, the forwarding volume of the circle of friends was as high as 4,700 people, and the advertising conversion rate reached an astonishing 25%! A total of 13,000 small cages were sold and are still on sale. Thanks to the magic brush Tang Fang! All of our colleagues have the honor to witness the birth of a new generation of food queen! Congratulations to Tang Fang! All kinds of screaming, Automatic Nail Making Machine ,Automatic nail machine, applause and laughter made Tang Fang’s skull hurt. She silently subtracted the figure from the morning’s statistics with thirteen thousand yuan, which made her more confident. Vivian smiled and joined hands with Miss Zhong and Tang Fang: „Continue to cooperate happily.“ Miss Zhong smiled meaningfully: „This can be discussed with Fang, that \’s her call.“. “ Zhang Wei handed Tang Fang a brochure: „This is the marketing department’s current customers, you see which are interested in writing, we will arrange an interview.“ With a bang, the cannon in Tang Fang’s hand suddenly exploded, and the debris fell on Zhang Wei’s hand. Someone in the conference room screamed and looked at Tang Fang one after another. Miss Zhong clapped Zhang Wei’s hand, took the booklet by the way, and looked around with a smile: „OK, OK, OK, the class is still on, right?“ But Tang Fang stepped forward and looked directly at Zhang Wei: „Excuse me, why didn’t anyone inform me that the official micro-blog reprinted my article for advertising sales?“? Why is there no advertising message in your department’s work emails and printouts? I don’t know anything about this ad. I can’t afford to wear a crown of thorns like the queen of goods. Zhang Wei asked in surprise: „Tang Fang, did you misunderstand something, or where did we make you dissatisfied?“ The reaction was really quick, except that she saw the advertisement selling well and disliked the low contribution fee.
Tang Fang shook his head: „Everyone inside and outside the industry knows that I, Tang Fang, never advertise, never sell, and will not recommend products that are not up to my standards.“. I’m sorry that your so-called miracle has caused me great trouble and irreparable damage to my reputation. I hope your official micro-blog will give me a reasonable explanation. The meeting room quieted down, those who avoided the storm quickly retreated, and those who watched the mountains and rivers quickly pulled aside. Zhang Wei kept his demeanor, but his smile stiffened: „Teacher Tang, I don’t know how to take your hat.“ Tang Fang turned to Miss Chung. „Miss Chung, did you know about this Steamed Small Meat Dumpling in Basket advertisement in advance?“ Miss Zhong also did not expect Tang Fang to launch an attack in public completely regardless of the overall situation. She frowned: „Sorry, I didn’t know until I saw the push.“ The people on the other side of the line gradually gathered around Zhang Wei and looked at Tang Fang with different expressions. It is said that Tang Fang, who is very dedicated and takes care of the younger generation, but is very aloof and difficult to get, is really very difficult to get, and it is also too difficult to do. Vivian shrugged her shoulders and asked Zhang Wei with a smile, „It seems that there is indeed a misunderstanding. Why don’t you go to the small conference room to communicate?“ Her eyes swept over the crowd: „Remember to drink together in the evening.“. Don’t listen to Zhang Wei. I’m at the level of Sakai. Am I still afraid of you? Everybody is sensible, retreat immediately completely, nature has busybody in the doorway dilly-dally tie a shoelace to communicate a business what. Vivian turned to comfort Tang Fang: „Have a good talk. I can trust Zhang Wei’s character. Maybe there is something wrong with the process. You are a senior. Spare your hands.“. Kelly, your Tang Fang is really famous for his straightforwardness. Miss Zhong gave her a sidelong glance and smiled with a little schadenfreude: „I can trust Fang’s character more, and it is also well-known in the industry,wire nail making machine, right?“? I envy her more than I dare to say, and I envy you more than I dare to do. I am old and have the heart to retire. She left slowly. I am a senior, I usually do not care about I deserve to be bullied. 3shardware.com

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