Yeah, what’s going on? Why did she only talk to her parents? Shui Ruoyun’s heart was filled with uneasiness. Sure enough, in another place, what Xue Song wanted to say was not good news: „Not all the saliva of the ghost silkworm larvae can be detoxified. In fact, it is recorded in the book that the saliva of the larvae fed with their own active blood can detoxify the ghost silkworm poison on their own bodies.“. Yueshan has been poisoned, and his blood cannot feed the ghost silkworm. The news couldn’t have been worse. Lou Qin was startled and turned to look at Shui Ruoyun worriedly. But to her surprise, Shui Ruoyun sat there calmly and even asked smoothly, „Uncle Xue, didn’t you just say that being bitten by a ghost silkworm can also be poisoned?“? How can this detoxification method be so strange. Who will be poisoned first and take this antidote to guard against being poisoned later? Xue Song sighed: „In fact, this method of detoxification is specially used for people who refine poison. It is very dangerous to refine ghost silkworm poison.“. So they use their own blood to raise silkworms, first take the antidote, in case of emergency. Being bitten by ghost silkworms, the pain is far greater than the pain of cold poison. As I said just now, many people die not because of poisoning, but because of pain. The cold poison is called ghost saliva fragrance, which is very stubborn. To remove the poison is like drawing silk. Weak people can not bear such a long-term consumption of poison. Therefore, those who can survive silkworm breeding and poison refining must be physically strong and strong-willed. „Is there any other way?“ Shui Ruoyun asked calmly, which made Shui Qingxian worried, according to her temperament, should not be so light, but what silly idea did she have? Xue Song thought: „According to this theory, perhaps the blood of close relatives can also be used,smartboards for business, but it is very dangerous to feed ghost silkworms with active blood.“ „But Brother Yueshan has no blood relatives in this world.“ Lou Qin and Shui Qingxian looked at each other, they all felt a strong sense of uneasiness, the daughter is now like this, too strange. Xue Song bowed his head and thought hard, this, there is really no way. Now the master is not on Yunwu Mountain. I don’t know where he has gone. I’m afraid it’s too late to find him. Lingyue Mountain can only hold out for another ten days at most. Besides, even if we find the master, there’s nothing we can do without the ghost silkworm. Can’t you use my blood? Use my blood to raise ghost silkworms. Shui Ruoyun asked calmly again. Although I am not Yueshan brother’s blood relatives,65 inch smart board, but in this world, I am afraid I am the closest person to him, perhaps there is such a one in ten thousand possibility, my blood can be used? Everyone was stunned, and it was unexpected that she would have such a bold idea. Shui Ruoyun then said, „Uncle Xue should have a way to verify it. Try to see if my blood is OK.“. If it’s possible, I’m not afraid of any pain or ghost saliva. „Girl,“ Xue Song looked at her with heartache: „Feeding the ghost silkworm is life-threatening. Although you are in good health now, the pain is far beyond your imagination, and the wound bitten by the ghost silkworm can not be healed, leaving a scar for life. Cold poison into the body, even if you do not die, how can you live in this life? Haven’t you always wanted to have a baby? „I just want to give birth to Yueshan brother’s baby, if he goes, I will naturally accompany him, interactive touch screens education ,touch screen board classroom, what scars, pain, cold poison, what does it matter?“. I will be disabled all my life. As long as my brother Yueshan is well, it doesn’t matter to me. Shui Ruoyun’s eyes were firm and he said clearly, „Father and mother, please forgive my daughter for not being sensible and selfish this time. If my blood can be used, please ask my brother and Mei Man to try their luck.“. Or my blood can’t be used, so I give up my heart and make good arrangements to follow my brother Yueshan. „Ruoyun, don’t have such a silly idea. Maybe things will turn around.“ Shui Qingxian was in a panic, and her daughter really had a bad idea. Shui Ruoyun smiled: „I am looking for a turn for the better, until the last moment, of course, I will not give up.“. But I was prepared for the worst. Dad, I’m not afraid. I just told my brother Yueshan. She turned to Xue Song and asked, „Uncle Xue, do you have a way to test it?“ Xue Song looked at Shui Qingxian and his wife and nodded.
He took out a small jade bowl, poured some transparent medicinal juice that he did not know what it was, and then poured a few drops of Lingyue Mountain’s blood that he had just taken into it, and the blood dripped into the medicinal juice, forming a complete round drop. Xue Song put the bowl on the table, cut Shui Ruoyun’s finger, and dropped two drops of blood into it. Shui Ruoyun remembered that she had been grabbed and cut to drop blood in Huagu, and she showed Ling Yueshan her fingers and acted like a spoiled child. Remembering the past, she smiled shallowly. The blood drops of Shuiruoyun fell into the juice and soon mixed with Lingyue Mountain to form a complete circle. Shui Ruoyun’s eyes lit up and he asked, „That means yes, doesn’t it?“ Xue Song frowned and seemed to see something incredible. He thought about it and stretched out his hand to Shui Ruoyun: „Girl, let Uncle Xue feel your pulse.“ He looked at him for a long time, so long that all three of them looked at him strangely. Shui Ruoyun couldn’t help asking, „Uncle Xue, what’s wrong?“? The way the blood looks, it means it’s okay, right? „Well, the blood does mean yes.“. I just want to make sure that you are physically able to withstand the pain of feeding on blood. Shui Ruoyun smiled so brightly that Lou Qin almost cried. She threw her arms around Xue Song and said happily, „Thank you, Uncle Xue. I’ll leave everything to you.“. I will eat well, sleep well, keep my body strong and ready. She thought about it and said, „I’ll ask my brothers later, but don’t tell them about raising silkworms with my blood. Mei Man and my brother are both big mouths. If they leak the news to my brother Yueshan, he will be angry with me.“ She jumped happily for a few steps, then turned around and asked, „Brother Yueshan, can you turn over, take a bath and change clothes? I didn’t dare to touch him just now.“ Xue Song suppressed the acerbity in his eyes, nodded and said, „Yes, I’ll prescribe some medicine later. Let him take it on time these days. When the ghost silkworm arrives,smart board for conference room, I’ll change the prescription.“ Shui Ruoyun nodded and went out to find his elder brother. Shui Qingxian then said, „Brother Xue, is there something wrong?“ He felt his pulse for an unusually long time just now. hsdsmartboard.com

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