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No, you’d better go in and see the bear! He is the only fragrant vein in our dragon family! Keep an eye on him! What kind of demon is so bold to hurt our little bear? You can come to my study later! Long Qianjun sighed and immediately went in to see the bear. Looking at the dragon and bear lying on the bamboo bed, Zhan Mi rushed up, because he dared not shout loudly. With tears in his eyes, he stroked Long Baixiong’s haggard face. Xiaoxiao stood aside, Long Qianjun looked at his son is repeating their own way, all this is doomed, and this master of the fate of the „immortal“ but see also touch, but can change it? Wen Zi saw Long Baixiong although worried, but compared to the side has almost no beautiful face, but also do not know life and death of small love, he is very painful, even if saved small love, she knows that she has become so still have the courage to live? Chapter 24 of the main text: Fate Duel (2) Updated: 2008-06-27 21:05:38 Words in this Chapter: 1898 When they saw that Xiao Ai had turned into such a terrible appearance, they could not help shaking their heads. Such a lovely girl had lost her most precious appearance at this time, and her life and death were uncertain. By contrast, the little bear was much luckier. Brother Long, it seems that Xiao Ai and our little bear are really like a pair of miserable Mandarin ducks! Last time we survived a disaster, this time we can turn bad luck into good luck! Zhen Mi felt that his son was lucky to escape the disaster twice because of Xiao Ai,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, but it seemed that it was also caused by Xiao Ai. But emotional things are very difficult to prove right or wrong, Zhan Mi will not blame Xiao Ai. Long Qianjun also nodded, but Xiaoxiao felt a little uncomfortable in his heart, „where is the miserable Mandarin duck, Brother Bear is so miserable by her!“ Wen Zi heard the woman speak like this, although she knew that she must be close to the dragon family. But Xiao Ai is their good friend, he said unhappily,precision welded tubes, „Xiao Ai doesn’t know how the situation is now, please don’t talk nonsense!“ Xiaoxiao is now feeling uncomfortable, but someone to touch her bad luck, turned to the past has not been paying attention to the text. It is very gentle and elegant, but it has a rare overbearing eye in reading. Xiaoxiao is about to say something, Zhan Mi pulled Xiaoxiao, shook his head, „Xiaoxiao you don’t make a noise, let the bear rest quietly!“! Let’s go out first! „Sister Mi, I want to watch Brother Bear here, okay?“ Xiaoxiao looked at Mi Zhen pitifully. Long Qianjun looked at Zhan Mi and said softly, „I have something to do to find my second uncle. Let’s go out together!“! Let them take care of it here! Zhen Mi looked at the bear reluctantly and walked out slowly with the help of Long Qianjun. Xiao Xiao stared at Wen Zi mercilessly, and then sat next to Long Baixiong. And Wen Zi also sat next to Xiao Ai, Cold Drawn Tubes ,side impact door beams, a Xiao was very helpless, as if he had suddenly become a superfluous person, he had to sit in the middle. ################ „Uncle!“ „You’re here!“ Long Wantian took a sip of tea and sat on the old green vine chair. This is a study with the same retro style and antique style. Xiaojun, how did the little bear provoke the monster and kill him so badly? Long Qianjun said, „It’s a long story!“ Then he told the story. So that’s it! This Zhang Shengcai is so insane that he not only wants to kill the little bear before his death, but also prefers to become a ghost and continue to do evil. The demons are too deep! Long Wantian sighed, „According to the exorcism scriptures, the last appearance of this demon was 500 years ago. Unexpectedly, after the demon retreated, it was still not peaceful, and the demon was born again!“ „Zhang Shengcai is just an ordinary person and has never been exposed to our world. He may have been instigated by demons!“ Said Zhan Mi thoughtfully. I think there is also this possibility, the demon’s magic power is not deep now, if not for the little bear has been injured, it would not be so deep.
If you let this ghost spend seventy-seven and forty-nine days and absorb enough Yang Qi, I’m afraid it will be difficult to deal with! Long Wantian got up and came to Long Qianjun and said, „The evil poison on the bear has been removed by me, and I can do nothing about the rest.“. As for that girl, she doesn’t have any resistance, and I don’t know if she can get through tonight! But I have read the exorcism, and it is not that there is no cure, but it is more troublesome. Long Qianjun said, „Uncle, no matter what, Xiao Ai is a good friend of Xiaoxiong, we can’t ignore it!“ „That’s true. There are no heartless people in our dragon family.“. All right, I’ll get ready. Xiaojun, you can come with me. Zhen Mi looked at Long Qianjun, „Don’t worry, the little bear will be all right!“! You go to find the third uncle first! Zhan Mi was a little reluctant, nodded and got up and followed him out. Mi Er, you haven’t slept for a day and a night. When the third uncle comes, go and have a rest. Zhan Mi shook his head, „Brother Long, I’m not tired. I want to see the bear all right!“ Long Qianjun touched Zhan Mi’s hair and kissed him on his forehead. Thousands of words were only in this kiss. Long Wantian’s hair has begun to gray, a Tang suit has a rare life without leisure. He closed the gate and shook his head. „I’m old at last!“ Long Wandi rushed to Longjiapu, but half an hour later, Long Wantian looked at the younger brother or so impatient, could not help but say, „Third brother, you can not see how such a character is a medical salvation ah!“ Long Wan glared at Long Wantian, „Second brother, what’s wrong with my temper? I still learned the upper medical skills. Those bullshit theories don’t apply to me!“! Where is the little bear? Take me there! Long Wantian pointed at Zhen Mi and said, „Little Mi,stainless steel 304 pipes, take your third uncle quickly!“! We’ll go there when Xiaojun comes back! Zhan Mi nodded, and Long Wan waved his hand and said, „Little Mi!“! Don’t be wordy. Human life is at stake. Time is important. Take me there quickly. I don’t know if it’s a bear or someone else.

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