See the lonely night cold star inserted a sentence, „Yi Renruyue guild hall, I pay all the expenses.“ „Ah!“! Long live the boss! The night was the first to call out, but also shocked, half a day to type a few words, „boss, you all reimbursed ah?“ The lonely night cold star replied with a „um“. He went offline again. Recently, he was always very busy and did not know what he was doing. People in the family did not ask much. People still habitually did not intervene in life. Everyone agreed that the party time was this weekend, just as Liu Yue had nothing to do in school, Liu Yue returned home on Friday afternoon, just entered the door to hear a shallow voice, went in to see, stunned! Shallow is lying on the sofa to make a phone call, but also very sweet smile, is this phone call is non-toxic? Liu Yue saw that she had no idea, so she went to the back of the sofa to listen, and sure enough, the two of them were discussing about tomorrow’s party. These two people have been so good ah, Liu Yue suddenly felt that he went to school in a week too many things happened. This day early in the morning, shallow up, usually in addition to the game, rare to see her so active time, see her busy in the side, is the face and manicure, Liu Yue suddenly feel very helpless, is not a woman but a heart, will be particularly concerned about their appearance. Then she also got up from the bed, simply tidied herself up,sonicator homogenizer, sat aside and waited for shallow, shallow squint at her, „I said, how to say today can also see your super idol cold star, you at least dress up.“ Liu Yue said with a smile, „It’s because it’s a super idol, and it’s not a blind date to see an idol.“ Shaking his head helplessly, „I know you’ve been thinking about your first love, but it’s too unrealistic. You haven’t seen each other for so many years. Maybe they got married early. Besides, you’ve been secretly in love for so many years,ultrasonic extraction cbd, and others don’t know. You’re really stubborn!“ Liu Yue smiled indifferently, „you know I am a stubborn person.“ Shallow rolled his eyes, „to tell you the truth, I just heard you say, what this person looks like in the end, I have not seen, is it worth your infatuation?“ Liu Yue does not want to continue this topic, that is, just smile, sigh shallowly. They took the MRT, and when it was almost 11 o’clock, they had already arrived at a city. After taking a taxi, they went straight to’Yiren Ruyue ‘. There was a man looking around at the door. From a distance, he was wearing a very casual sportswear. As soon as they got off the car, the man leaned over and hesitated for a few seconds and asked, „Shallow?“ He looked up at him with shallow curiosity and asked hesitantly, „non-toxic?“ The man looked at the smiling face, „It’s me, my wife!“ “ Listen to him so fair and aboveboard call his wife adult, ultrasonic welding transducer ,ultrasonic cutting machine, shallow face unexpectedly red, originally very bright and gorgeous a face, more with a little charming feeling, see the non-toxic some crazy. It took a while to reflect the shallow hand, and then a gentle tone of introduction, „a lot of people have arrived first, I will take you up, in the private room on the second floor.“ Shallow back motioned to keep up with the flow of the moon, was very gentle to be very gentle to pull upstairs. Liu Yue had no choice but to keep up with him, thinking that everyone was the same, and that he would ignore his friends if he had a lover. Yiren Ruyue is a very elegant and chic restaurant. You can see that it must be a high-grade consumption place. God is invited here. It seems that God is also a very rich person in life. In this way, I followed Shallow and walked up. I first entered the private room and introduced Shallow to everyone. Liu Yue looked at the private room curiously outside and saw that it was the largest and most luxurious private room in the restaurant. Looking at the exquisite furnishings and unique decoration style inside, Liu Yue couldn’t help smacking his lips. It seemed that God was not generally rich. If you want to pack such a luxurious private room, you can’t do it without a certain status and status.
The author has something to say: The Great God will appear in the next chapter. Who is he? Be defeated and run away Liu Yue followed Shallow to go in, far away to see the night sitting in the innermost, next to a very formal man, she seemed to see Liu Yue and Shallow, immediately came over, grinning and said, „Let me guess ah, this beautiful bubbling is shallow.“. The pure little beauty next to you is Liu Yue, right? Shallow also accosted, „When did you arrive at night?“? We thought we were early. The night turned around and pointed to the man behind her and said, „We just arrived for a while. Well, he doesn’t want to kill me.“ Then he took his arm and said, „It’s my husband!“ Liu Yue and Qian Qian usually have a good relationship with don’t kill me. After saying hello together, they find a place to sit down and chat with friends around them. Passed a little while again, avirulent begin to introduce cautiously to everybody, „came, came, eldest brother arrived, prepare to pick up drive!“ As soon as the words came out, Liu Yue couldn’t help laughing out loud? Look at the non-toxic posture, I really treat the great God as the emperor. But her smile has not had time to close, a tall figure into her eyes, a tailored suit, the perfect interpretation of the master’s noble king momentum, that person appeared, the atmosphere of the scene naturally solidified, because of his arrival, we unconsciously stopped all the movements, only eyes began to follow him, there is a kind of person in the world. Only the momentum can overwhelm anyone, and the natural king’s domineering can easily conquer anyone. Everyone was a little stunned, and the biggest reflection was the flow of the moon, her body trembled involuntarily, some out of control with his hand tightly covered his mouth, afraid of his own voice, after the lonely night cold star came in, looked around at everyone, nodded to everyone, so everyone’s atmosphere finally relaxed a little, the flow of the moon while he had not noticed himself in the corner. Quietly got up, gently squeezed to the door, then half crouched, half crawled to the door, just when she thought she could escape the scene without being noticed, the lonely night cold star, who had been resting on the side sofa, suddenly turned his head and saw the little woman at the door who was trying to hide her body,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, slightly raised his eyebrows, and looked at the man curiously. The more I looked, the more I frowned. fycgsonic.com

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