There was a flash in the void behind the two men on the left, and a black figure emerged. It was the black-robed young man. His body was wrapped in white light and pulled out of the void, and a trace of surprise flashed across his handsome face. Die! The bamboo pole man on one side waved with one hand. A blue light flew out and hit the black-robed youth, but it was a blue token. There was a dull sound of „boom“! After the blue token flew out, it immediately turned into a blue monster shadow with a snake, beast and tiger body out of thin air. It opened its big mouth and devoured the black-robed youth. The shadow of the blue monster had not yet arrived, and a terrible breath of terror was pressing down. This breath is far beyond the ordinary bamboo pole man himself, almost reaching the peak of the Taiyi realm. The black-robed young man’s face sank, his hands suddenly pinched, his eyes suddenly lit up two groups of dazzling silver, and then quickly submerged his body. „Bang!“! The body of the black-robed youth suddenly burst open, turning into a little silver light, and scattered in all directions. Almost at the same time, the shadow of the blue monster passed through and pounced on it. There was an unwilling roar in the mouth of the blue beast shadow, and the huge body quickly drifted away, once again condensed into the blue token, but the light emitted was much dimmer. At this moment, those silver points of light quickly converged in the distance, once again merged into one, condensed into the figure of the silver fox. But the appearance of the silver fox has changed greatly at the moment, showing its true appearance, its hair has turned silver, its black eyes have turned into brilliant silver eyes, its ears have grown a lot, and a layer of silver fluff has emerged. A smoky silver light wrapped around him, looking very hazy and somewhat mysterious. The bamboo pole man saw this scene, his face sank slightly,mobile racking systems, and hurriedly waved back the blue token, waving his hands at the same time. A piece of crystal light flew out of his sleeve, but it was an ancient blue mirror. As soon as the mirror appeared, a cyan halo rose from the mirror, and at the same time, it grew rapidly, turning into the size of a house in an instant. Countless blue runes poured out of the mirror and turned into blue light after a roar. The bamboo pole man opened his mouth to spray, and a group of blue thunder flew out, intertwined with those blue light groups. The cyan light group immediately changed into a cyan wind blade the size of a door plank, but the surface was wrapped with a cyan arc, aggressively hitting the silver fox like rain, as fast as lightning. The red-haired big fellow also pinches the formula to wave, on the white scorching sun the ray of light flashes, a white light silk flies out again, heavy duty metal racks ,heavy duty cantilever racks, hits the silver fox and goes. The silver fox’s face was contemptuous, and the silver on his body flashed into dozens of silver figures. These figures are silvery and illusory, flying in all directions with a series of afterimages. The blue wind blades flew out and immediately flashed through the silver figures without causing any harm to them. The same is true of the white light, which passes through the silver figures without any effect. You two are not bad, but I’ve been playing with you for a long time. I have something to do. I’ll take my leave. I’ll see you later. The silver fox’s hazy laughter rang out again. The silver figures suddenly quickened their speed, pulling out phantoms behind them and flying outside, as if the two spiritual realms around them had no effect at all. Don’t try to escape! With a loud shout, the bamboo pole man flew out, and a blur appeared on the blue mirror. He pinched his hands and pressed them down. At the same time, he opened his mouth and spurted out a mass of blood, which melted into the mirror. The cyan ancient mirror immediately shone brightly, and countless blue lights gushed out from it, as if they were burning, turning the whole body into a translucent shape, and then flashed into the cyan spiritual realm. The whole cyan spiritual realm suddenly brightened into a huge cyan mirror. A glittering and translucent blue light shines out from the mirror, emitting a strange wave of the power of law. Those silver figures were fixed in an instant, as if they were imprisoned. The formula in the bamboo pole man’s hand changed again, and his hands suddenly clapped the mirror. The cyan mirror suddenly brightened, and countless crystal blue filaments came out of it, piercing the silver figures. These crystal silk do not know what magic, finally hurt those silver figures. By countless crystal silk holes, those silver figures immediately one after another quickly drift away, leaving only a silver figure in a twinkling of an eye.
Chapter 620 watching the play. „Brother Gongshu, now!“ The bamboo pole man shouted. Under this series of spells, his face quickly turned pale, his arms trembled on the mirror, and it was obvious that it was very difficult for him to support this magical power. The red-haired Han Gong looked awestruck and quickly recited the incantation in his mouth. Then he grabbed the void with both hands and pulled it down. The white sun in midair suddenly brightened, and a layer of white flame emerged on the surface, falling from the sky with a loud roar and falling on the silver figure. An earth-shattering noise! The white sun suddenly burst open in a flash, drowning the silver figure, and the dazzling white light bloomed in an instant, filling the whole spiritual realm. An unfathomable wave of law emanated from the bursting white sun, raging unscrupulously in the space, and cracks appeared in the nearby void, as if the whole space was about to be torn apart. The cyan mirror burst and disappeared in an instant, and turned into a cyan spiritual realm again. But by the force of this terrible law, the blue spiritual realm disintegrated inch by inch, and soon collapsed completely. It broke down the blue spirit domain, and the fluctuation of the law did not stop at all, and continued to impact on the red flame spirit domain. With a loud shout, Gong Shutian tried his best to maintain the flame spirit domain and imprison the terrible bursting force to prevent it from spreading out, otherwise half of the whole inner city of Jukun would be destroyed. After a few breaths, the terrible power of law finally slowly faded, and the dazzling white light that filled the whole spiritual realm quickly disappeared. At this time,warehouse pallet racks, Gong Shutian’s face became as pale as paper, but his eyes were full of joy. He waved away the red flame and looked at the silver figure. This white scorching sun is the magical power produced by the combination of the two laws of him and the bamboo pole man. Although the combination of the two laws is not perfect, it is enough to be compared with the full blow in the later period of Taiyijing. jracking.com

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