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It was a vast grassland, full of infinite vitality, just like the scenery he saw on the way here, and what came to his mind was everything outside the ancient beast. Many mythical beasts gathered on the vast prairie, many of which were mythical beast races that Qi Yue had never seen before. The reason why we can confirm that these ancient giants are mythical beasts is that in the front of these mythical beasts, there are more than ten huge unicorns standing in a row. In the middle, it is the ink Kirin with the same appearance as the ink fire, but the energy breath it emits is the wind attribute. It’s obviously not an ink fire. All the mythical beasts cast their eyes into the air quietly, and the eyes of each mythical beast looked very dignified, as if they were waiting for something. Suddenly, everything in front of us changed in an instant, the clear sky suddenly changed, the perspective turned from the gods and beasts to the air, a circular shadow slowly coincided with the sun, covering the light of the sun. Total solar eclipse? Could it be that the disaster in the mouth of the ink fire is the total solar eclipse? This is just a normal celestial phenomenon! Do they really think there is a dog to eat? Soon, the sun’s rays were completely blocked by the circular shadow, and the sky darkened. Only around the round shadow, there is still a circle of faint golden light, which can bring some light to the world. Just when Qi Yue thought everything was coming to an end. The change then appeared, and another round shadow slowly moved from the side of the yellow, destroying the golden circle of the sun from around the previous shadow,Blue Bottle Serum, slowly coinciding. And the circular light and shadow before still exists. The breathing of the mythical beasts became rapid, and the sky became darker. Circular shadows continued to appear, and one life after another above the first shadow. And the light of the sun grew fainter and fainter under their cover, and the earth grew darker and darker. Suddenly, everything around it was dark, a large dark cloud appeared in the sky without warning, the world that had become dark suddenly lit up, it was the light of lightning,30ml dropper bottle, and then a deafening thunder sounded, shaking the world. Lightning comes one after another. Lightning is not new, but if the color of lightning is red, it becomes a completely different concept. The red lightning is shining in the sky, it is like the light of blood! Qi Yue found that the direction of these lightning falls was concentrated on one point, and that location seemed to be the end of the prairie. Rolling thunder, so that all the gods and beasts are crawling on the ground, their dignified eyes at this time are full of fear. It seemed that in the place where the red lightning kept falling, there was a faint black air flow circling and rising. Qi Yue did not know what the black air flow represented, but he vaguely guessed in his heart that this should be the terrible thing that the King of Gods and Beasts said. As soon as the light and shadow flashed, all the influence disappeared. The energy breath around Qi Yue’s body also returned to the plain. When he slowly opened his eyes, he found that the ink fire was looking at him. Without waiting for him to ask questions, the ink fire had already opened his mouth: „At the end of the bloody lightning, it is now the king of fierce beasts.“. The evil spirit of heaven brought him infinite power. It was from that moment that the evil spirit spread in the land of Yanhuang. It conquered all the evil beasts and became the king of the new generation of evil beasts by virtue of its incomparably powerful evil power. It was under his leadership that we gods and beasts entered the era of suffering. After fifteen thousand years of struggle, we not only lost our original advantages, Oil Dropper Bottle ,Glass Cream Jars, but also were oppressed by them to occupy only one tenth of the area of the whole land of Yanhuang. If things go on like this, perhaps, it won’t be too long before the result of our mythical beast is destroyed. And mankind will be ruled by the Jiuli people. The land of the Yellow Emperor will be completely enveloped by the evil spirit. This is a fact that I can’t change, and it is also the greatest sorrow for me and the king of gods and beasts of previous generations. Inside the cave, filled with the sadness of the ink fire, he paused, looking at Qi Yue’s eyes seemed to freeze, „My child, although you do not belong to our times, in your view, perhaps you came here completely by chance, but in my view it is not the case.“.
You can rely on reincarnation fruit to come to our time, is completely providential, as the four auspicious cloud ink kylin, in my heart, you are the hope of all the gods and beasts, now, you have the Xuanyuan sword, have the body of the source of nature and the unprecedented four auspicious cloud body, these unique conditions, must be able to make you enough to fight against the king of fierce beasts, if, You are willing to stay in our times, I am willing to give you the position of the king of the mythical beasts, so that all the mythical beasts in the world obey your command, and you will lead us and human beings to fight against those evils. As long as I can do it, I am willing to meet all your conditions. Can you give me an answer? Deep look at the ink fire, Qi Yue slowly lowered his head, „I’m sorry, I can’t.“. I am willing to do that for you, but I will never choose to stay in this era. Chapter 145 from modern weapons to ancient times and the skill of the Beastmaster (part 1). The king of the mythical beast was silent, looking at Qi Yue for a long time without a word. Qi Yue sighed with a wry smile and said, „I’m sorry. I know the situation of the mythical beast is not good now.“. However, after all, I do not belong to this era, I also want to help you, but my original era, he also needs me. My friends are waiting for me to go back. They must have got the news of my disappearance, and they must be very anxious. Of course, before leaving here, I would like to do my best to help the mythical beast. The light in the eyes of the king of the mythical beast gradually softened. „No, it’s not your fault. I think too much.“. You’re right. You don’t belong to this era. I shouldn’t ask too much. You’ve done your best to promise to take the risk and help us to do that. So, Qi Yue, you stay here for a period of time, you and I are both ink Kirin, I think, under my guidance, you can more easily understand the various abilities of Kirin,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, whether it is for you to do that thing, or to return to your time, can have some benefits. 。 penghuangbottle.com

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