„There used to be a house here?“ „Oh, yes, but it hasn’t been inhabited for years. It’s almost collapsed.“. There used to be many legends that there were several secret passages in the house leading to the Goblin Cave. I remember when we were looking for that secret passage. Horace & # 183; Blat’s wine spilled. 。 With a curse, he wiped it clean and asked, „Where is the Goblin Cave?“ „Oh, don’t you know?“ Said Patrick? On the other side of the little demon bay, it was difficult to find the entrance. Behind the embankment of stones, there was only a long and narrow gap, which people could just squeeze through. Inside, it opened up and became a rather large cave. You can imagine what an interesting place it was for a child. An old fisherman took me there. Now, even the fishermen don’t know where it is. The other day I asked a fisherman why the place was called Xiaoyao Bay, and he couldn’t answer. Horace & # 183; Platt said : „But I still don’t understand. What is this little demon?“ Patrick Redfong said. : „Oh, this is a local legend. There is also a Goblin Cave in Dademo.“. It is said that you will leave a needle there as a gift to the goblin. This goblin is a spirit in the swamp. Horace & # 183; Platt said : „Ah,dap diammonium phosphate, that’s interesting.“ Patrick Redfong continued. : „There are still many legends about goblins in this area. Some people say that goblins will ride on people’s backs. There are still farmers who come home in the middle of the night and say that they will be ridden by goblins.“ Horace & # 183; Platt said : „You mean they had a glass or two of old wine?“ Patrick Redfang smiled. : „According to common sense, this is the best explanation.“ Platt looked at his watch. „I’m going to the restaurant,“ he said. Speaking of which, Redfong. My favorite is pirates, not goblins. Patrick Redfang watched him go out. He laughed and said,calcium nitrate sol, „How confident! I would like to see the old boy meet a goblin.“. „For a hard-working businessman, Mr. Platt has a romantic imagination,“ said Perrault thoughtfully. Patrick Redfong said. : „That’s because he doesn’t have much education, at least that’s what my wife says. Look at the books he reads. They’re either suspense detective stories or stories about the frontier West.“ „You mean he still thinks like a child?“ Said Bai Luo. „Well, don’t you think so?“ „I don’t know him very well.“ „I don’t really know him very well. I’ve been out on a boat with him once or twice, but he doesn’t really like to have anyone else with him.“ He would rather be alone. „Hechury,“ said Perrault. : „That’s strange. It’s totally different from his style on land.“ „I know,“ Redfang said with a smile. „We can’t avoid him. He really wants to make this place very lively.“ Bai Luo was silent for a minute or two. He looked intently at the smiling face of the other side. Suddenly, he opened his mouth unexpectedly and said, Magnesium Oxide price ,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, „I think, Mr. Redfang, you are very good at enjoying life.“ Patrick stared at him in surprise. That’s true. Why not? „That’s right,“ agreed Bai Luo. „I’d like to congratulate you on that.“ Patrick Redfang answered with a smile. „Thank you.“ „So I, an old man, much older than you, want to give you some advice.“ „What is it?“ „A very wise friend of mine in the police said to me a few years ago: ‘If you want to be safe, my good friend, you must avoid women.’“ ” Patrick Redfong said. I’m afraid it’s too late to say that. You know, I’m married. „I know that. Your wife is a very charming and nice woman. I think she likes you very much.“ Patrick Redfang immediately retorted. : „I like her too.“ „Ah,“ said Hercules Perrault. I’m so glad to hear that.
” Patrick’s brows suddenly wrinkled as if a thunderstorm was coming. „I say, Mr. Perrault, what are you going to say?“ „Women,“ said Perrault, leaning back and closing his eyes, „I know a thing or two about them. They have a way of making life very complicated, and the English don’t know anything about it. If you must come here, Mr. Redfield, why did you bring your wife with you? Patrick & # 183; Red Fong Angry Tunnel : „I don’t know what you mean by that.“ Said Perrault, with perfect composure. : „You know very well that I’m not stupid enough to argue with a dizzy person. I’m just trying to persuade you.“ „You listen to those damned aunts, Mrs. Gardner, and Brest women who have nothing to do all day.“ All they can do is gossip and bully a woman just because she is good-looking. 。” Hercules Perrault rose to his feet. 。 He murmured, „Are you really so young?“ Shaking his head, he left the bar. Patrick Redfang glared at his back. 。 Hercules Perrault was returning to his room from the dining-room. There was a pause in the corridor, and the doors were open. A gust of night wind blew in. The rain had stopped, the fog had lifted, and the night was clear. Hercules Perrault found Mrs. Redfan sitting outside in her favorite chair. He walked over to her and said, „The chair is Wet. You shouldnt sit here. You might catch cold.“. „Yes, I shouldn’t sit here, but who cares? It doesn’t matter anyway.“ „Hey,calcium ammonium nitrate price, hey, you are not a child!“! You’re an educated woman. Be reasonable about things. „I can assure you that I will never catch cold,“ she said coldly. 。

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