Liu Yanei has rarely been praised by Yan Yucheng with such solemnity, and he can’t help being flattered. Offer a cigarette to my father-in-law and light a fire for him. That’s right. People should be generous. Don’t have a small stomach. Yan Wucheng held out his finger and tapped on the democratic review report. He has been worried that Liu Jun’s pattern is not enough. In officialdom, the pattern is not enough is a big taboo. Harm of striated species within the lower levels of the range is not yet Obviously.. It can be resolved by external forces and personal cleverness. But up to a certain point After the level, it is very difficult for a person who does not have a wide range of appetite to make great achievements. Now that Yan Zhengcheng has seen this democratic review report, he can finally rest assured. The boy is not confused at the critical moment. Ah This is all your teaching. You didn’t teach me to be open when I was young. Be broad-minded. But I keep it in mind that Wei Anbang is about to fall. Of course I can’t. If you add insult to injury, you should say a few good words about him to the later leaders. Well.. Liu Yanei said with a smile. What did you say Yan Wucheng immediately opened his eyes. Nothing.. Wei Anbang has very serious economic problems, and the evidence is overwhelming to estimate this. At that time, the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection should have received the letter of accusation. Liu Jun also lit a cigarette and said very casually. Chapter 436 the team of Ningbei County is rotten. The Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection has no action for the time being, and Han Jiang and Wei Anbang are still asking for a table in the League Province as usual. Looking at the calm, only Wang Yiran asked for a day’s sick leave and came to work on the first day. Wait, the expression still has this haggard, The people of the Youth Foundation looked at him with this strange look in their eyes. To Liu Jun’s surprise, Wang Yiran called him before he got off work in the afternoon and said he wanted it. Invite back he is also in the autumn water hotel, and try to ask Liu Jun can clear the white poplar also one. Get up, When Wang Yiran took the initiative to invite him to dinner, Liu Jun’s sense of discipline changed more or less. Wang Yiran has been working in the organs carefully and inevitably contaminated many organs. People have the habit of worrying about gains and losses, and it is very likely that Wei Anbang will lose power for a while. It was normal to fall,Inflatable outdoor park, and Liu Yanei didn’t mind giving him another chance. But Fang Ren resolutely proposed to go with Yang, and the good feeling that had just risen immediately swung. However, there is no existence. Liu Jun refused without hesitation. Since you, Wang Yiran, still don’t trust me, then forget it. Liu Jun ignored Wang and drove straight back to the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee. As soon as I stepped into the door, I saw a burly figure sitting in the sand in the living room. I talked to Liu Jin on the post. Brother Zhengxuan? Liu Jun was surprised and happy. It was Wu Zhengxuan who came. When Wu Zhengxuan saw Liu Jun,Inflatable dry slide, he got up and gave him a military salute. He was embarrassed to call out Liu Jun again, „He grinned and laughed.“ When did you get back? Visiting relatives or transferring? Liu Jun happily sat down on the sofa and asked. Although a few days ago in the capital, an old man’s nose and mouth were abandoned, Liu Jun was also worried that it would not be so fast. Speed, so there is such a question. He is now serving as a battalion commander in the 1st Battalion of the 1st Garrison Regiment of the Daning Garrison Command. Wu Zhengxuan replied concisely. There is a difference between the garrison command and the military sub-command. Although the ranks are the same, the military sub-command is generally not Diao Wa, a combat unit under its jurisdiction, is responsible for conscription, national defense education and militia work, and only the important cities The garrison area of the city will be equipped with a certain number of combat troops, which is also a regular field team. Under the command of the garrison command, Liu Jinyou, Inflatable water park on lake ,Inflatable 5k obstacle, Secretary of the Daning Municipal Party Committee, is also the first political commissar of the Daning Garrison Command. When he saw Wu Zhengxuan and Liu Jun, he looked around and looked for Liu Yan, but he was nowhere to be seen. Ruan Bixiu said with a smile that he was gathering in the room.
Stay in the factory with Feifei, Mu Lou. Liu Jun laughed and said, „The entertainment building is also here.“ Wu Zhengxuan said with a smile, „As soon as I came, I pulled Feifei to design new clothes for her as a model.“ I’m working hard. Liu Jun laughed. Wu Lou, this little girl, has been swollen in her purse since she set up Mou’s pager shop in partnership. When I got up, I didn’t clamor for money, so I asked Yan Fei and Liu Yan to go out to play together. Street, from time to time will also call Li Wan together to calculate the best friend and best friend, just call Li Wan. At that time, Yin Changhui was pitiful. A porter serving four shopaholics is no joke. Liu Jun has also educated „Yin Changhui told him to stay away from the place of right and wrong, the people of right and wrong“ Nai. He is honest and takes his wife very seriously, but he refuses to mend his ways despite repeated admonitions, although the porter works hard. Incomparable but also willing to lift, Lou Jun, thank you. Wu Zhengxuan sincerely thanked Liu Jun. Liu Jun said with a smile that his brother was not polite, and I was just with Wu Ye Wei He Ye by the way. I mentioned it, but I didn’t have any hope at that time. Wu Zhengxuan laughed. All right, „Jun is back, too. Get ready for dinner.“ Ruan Bixiu stood up and went to Liu Yan’s room and several girls came out to eat together. Not a moment Wu Lou Nuan first rushed out to see Liu Jun and shouted for him to appreciate himself. Newly bought clothes, to be honest, Miss Wu’s eyes in choosing clothes are really not respectful. Liu Jun could not help smiling and nodding his head in praise of others, but he just shook his head and sighed in the face of Wu Lou. Interest, Lou Nuan, you are going to make the boss who sells clothes angry. Sister Wu Lou immediately refused to come forward and waved Pu Shi in front of Liu Jun and insisted that he praise her. Can, Liu Jun had no choice but to say that basically this suit is still very good-looking. Only then did Wu Lou stop. But on second thought, I found that what Liu Jun praised was that the clothes didn’t say that she looked good at all. By thick eyebrows upside down to find Liu Jun accounts, glanced at Liu Jun’s side of Yan Fei finally or. Holding back a look of displeasure, Wu Loulou is familiar with Liu Jincai and Ruan Bixiu, both of whom like her very much. The girl was careless and good-natured, and every time she came, the house was full of laughter. Language, Hey, Liu Jun, my brother was transferred back to Daning City. It was you and Grandpa who said, „Hatchet men play chapters at the fastest speed!“! During the meal,inflatable castle with slide, Wu Loulou couldn’t help asking curiously. Although she is crazy in front of Wu Qiuhan, sometimes she dares to talk back. Only to their own old. Grandpa was so frightened that every time he saw Grandpa, he immediately became a good mother and dared not breathe.

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