„That depends on the situation,“ said Xiao Ling. „If we can’t show up, we don’t have to.“ „I can’t figure it out, little sister,“ said Bailibing. „Why doesn’t Big Brother want to show up all the time? What’s the purpose of his secret identity?“ Xiao Ling smiled and said, „That’s a good question..“ After a moment’s thought, he said, „Shen Mufeng and I have resisted several times, so it is.“ As a result, many fellow practitioners in the martial arts world have gradually become heroic and brave from the fear of Shen Mufeng, but there are also many martial arts masters who are originally from themselves. The people who are forced to resist Shen Mufeng will shrink back because of me. If they know that I am dead, there will be no more people in the martial arts world People will be the pawns for them, and they will have to protect themselves. Bailibing nodded and said, „Yes, there is such a person in the martial arts world. Although I can’t name him, there is.“ With such a feeling. Xiao Ling smiled faintly and said, „Do you know why Shen Mufeng came to mourn today?“ Bailibing said, „He felt very uneasy about burning his eldest brother to death with a trick. He came to pay his respects to his eldest brother.“ Xiao Ling shook her head and said with a smile, „Others would do that, but Shen Mufeng definitely won’t.“ „Is there any other plot for him to come here?“ Asked Bailibing. Xiao Ling said, „He’s worried because he can’t find my body. He’s come here to have a look. He’s brought Lady Jinhua and Lan Yutang with him. What’s the use?“ The heart is more obvious! „Why?“ Asked Baili Bing. „Because Lan Yutang was the one who lured me into the ambush,“ said Xiao Ling. „Lady Jinhua was under Shen Mufeng, and she got along with me the best. All right, a person with more genuine affection. „I’m telling you,large ficus tree,“ said Bailibing! Her grief just now was like a cuckoo crying blood, not pretending to be. Xiao Ling smiled faintly and said, „Shen Mufeng figured out that if I were still alive, I would have to come here. He would use Lan Yutang and Lady Jinhua excited my sadness and anger, revealing a flaw. Bailibing answered, „If you hide, won’t they see the same thing?“ Xiao Ling said, „He can see the inside story from the sad atmosphere. This is the intention to mourn me.“ „Does he know we’re still alive now?“ Asked Bailibing. „I don’t think he knows,“ said Hsiao Ling. „He didn’t expect us to mingle with the mourners sitting in front of the mourning hall. He has no son. After observing us carefully,outdoor ficus tree, he thought that if I came back here, the Taoist Priest Wuwei must know. „Alas!“ Said Bailibing! In the last few months we have been together, the eldest brother has not only made great progress in martial arts, but also in intelligence. It seems to be different every day. People say that Big Brother is a genius. It seems to be good. Xiao Ling shook her head and said, „The situation is pressing. I’ve been on the edge of life and death for years. At first I didn’t know what to think. Now Now, I have learned to think with my heart. The environment is pressing, and I can’t do without my heart. Bailibing smiled softly and said, „Big brother is getting more and more capable, and I’m getting more and more stupid..“ After a pause, he said, „Actually, I’m chasing my eldest brother day and night. You protect me everywhere, so I don’t have to worry about it.“ Xiao Ling sighed and said, „Bing, do you know where we are now?“ Bailibing was stunned and said, „What’s the matter?“? Are we in danger? „The decisive battle between good and evil is imminent, artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings ,silk ficus tree,“ said Xiao Ling. „Shen Mufeng is already in full swing. On the surface, everyone is in a very peaceful situation at the moment. Quiet, in fact, this is the storm before a period of temporary silence, but also each show off scheming, life and death, the crucial fight for survival. Head. Little brother’s heart is heavy, like heavy lead. At this time, as long as we miscalculate, it will cause a tragic disaster in the martial arts world Difficult. „Is that serious?“ Asked Baili Bing. „Not bad,“ said Xiao Ling! Therefore, I would rather let the Shang brothers and the Du brothers break their hearts and intestines, and the elder sister’s heart is bleeding, but I can’t. Show up and tell the story. Bailibing hesitated for a moment and said, „What’s the purpose of doing this?“ „If Shen Mufeng thinks I’m really dead,“ said Xiao Ling, „I’ll be able to come and go freely, sabotage his plans, and make his plot difficult. Suit.
” With a slight pause in his voice, he said, „Yuwen Hantao seems to have a precise plan. The ability of this man is not in Shen Mufeng.“ But he can’t control the odds, so I must help him secretly! Bailibing said, „If Yuwen Hantao is a little wiser than Shen Mufeng, why can’t he win?“ Xiao Ling said, „Shen Mufeng has been scheming for decades, and the situation has become what it is today. Most of the elite masters in Jianghu are his Luo.“ Even though Yuwen Hantao’s talent is slightly superior, there is a big difference in strength between the two sides. At this point, his eyes suddenly turned to Bai Li Bing’s face and said, „Bing, we’re going to break up for the time being.“ „Where are you going, brother?“ Asked Bailibing. „Can’t you take me with you?“ „I’ve just explained the situation,“ said Xiao Ling. „We can’t afford to have an affair with our children. We’ve missed a big event.“ Bailibing nodded slowly and said, „All right!“! When shall we meet again? „Maybe tonight,“ said Xiao Ling, „before noon tomorrow at the latest.“ „I’ll wait for you in the mourning hall,“ said Bailibing. „You’re going to do something for me,“ said Xiao Ling. „What’s the matter?“ Asked Bailibing. „Sister Yue is no match for Shen Mufeng,“ said Xiao Ling. „If there is a duel in front of the mourning hall at noon tomorrow, Shen Mufeng will really go to the appointment. And come, Yue elder sister and jade Xiao Lang Jun, will die in the hands of Shen Mufeng, before noon, if I do not come back, you have to try. Stop this vicious fight. „What can I do to stop it?“ Asked Baili Bing. „Tell Sister Yue quietly that I’m not dead,“ said Xiao Ling. „I don’t want her to fight with Shen Mufeng..“ After a moment’s hesitation, he said, „However, it’s better not to use this method. This is the last resort.“ Bailibing nodded and said, „I wrote it down.“ Xiao Ling stood up and said, „Your martial arts are enough to protect yourself. But be careful. Be good and wait for me to come back.“ Then he got up and went out of the tent. Bailibing chased him out of the tent, only to see Xiao Ling striding toward the layman. Xiao Ling walked out of the tent and went straight to the wilderness. Because the heroes of the world gathered here, no less than hundreds, people come and go,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, very mixed, so Xiao Ling in and out of the tent. Account, there is no difficulty.

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