That night she was worrying about how to slip out under the eyes of the master to bring Lu Lang’s marriage together. When she was so worried that she couldn’t sleep, the flower God suddenly appeared in her female official’s bedroom as if nothing had happened. She didn’t think she was a woman, and she had to drive her back to heaven without any heart. As a loving and righteous fairy, Peach Blossom naturally said desperately that she wanted to stay, but in exchange for the cynicism of the flower God. Your incompetence is the biggest strange thing in heaven. Why do you care about the mortal world? Do you want to drag your feet? Not allowing her to resist, she turned and shouted, „Plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum!“! Bring this guy back to me! Then she was caught by the four immortals of plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum. Chapter 25 the origin of Chinese rose’s nymphomania. Hua Lao, who had just finished his class for a group of flower boys, came over panting after seeing the peach blossoms. Peach Blossom, what are you doing sitting in front of your master’s pavilion? Want to absorb the essence of the sun and the moon to make yourself smart? The peach blossom looked at the old flower with a dull face. No.. There’s only so much space in this heavenly palace to come and go, and I have nothing to do. Is this all there is? There are four heavenly realms, seven cloud seas and dozens of islands around them, not to mention the fairy mountains and holy seas where the four gods of Taichen have retired. Is that just the place where peach blossoms come and go? Hua Lao shook his head in puzzlement, only to feel that there was a big gap between them and these young fairies,drum spill pallet, and it was a little difficult to understand. Then you can find other flower fairies to play together. „Sister Mei never likes to quarrel with others, and I don’t know where the Chinese rose has gone these days.“ The peach blossom heart is absent-minded. What about the peonies? „Peony, they are still on duty.“ The tone of peach blossom is still full of depression. They lost a bet to my flower God master in the flower fairy contest for a hundred years. Have you forgotten? „Whoa.“ It was really not a glorious thing for the flower God to gamble with his disciples. The old flower, who was eager to protect the Lord, touched his nose and said nothing. Just then, the Chinese rose, which had not been seen for many days,collapsible pallet bin, suddenly ran over in a hurry, with an excited expression on her face, and the old flower knew it was going to be bad. Peach blossom! Hurry up! Come with me! Come on! „What are you doing, Rose.“ The peach blossom has been pulled out of the gate by the Chinese rose, followed by the bamboo fairy like a shadow, and the old flower can not be called. The Chinese rose looked around and grinned for fear that the world would not be chaotic. After looking at the bamboo fairy, she lowered her voice and said mysteriously, „I just overheard those heavenly soldiers and generals saying that something big had happened in heaven. Dozens of small gods had disappeared inexplicably before!“ Peach blossoms scratch their heads. Missing? Why? Is there any delicious food there? „Eat your big head!“ The Chinese rose scolded, glancing at the bamboo fairy’s indifferent but staring eyes and whispering, „I heard them say that a fierce devil appeared, and then left a fragrance of flowers in the palace where they disappeared.“ „The fragrance of flowers?“ The peach blossom was startled and subconsciously thought of the master. Master worker? How could it be? How can you waste your leisure time to kidnap a group of encumbrances when you already dislike those little gods who are not smart enough all day long? „It’s not very possible, but that group of old-fashioned people who don’t have long brains can’t analyze other possibilities. In addition, after a group of small gods disappeared, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet crates, even some big gods outside also disappeared a while ago. That day, when the gods were discussing in Lingxiao Hall, Shifu’s face was extremely smelly.“ „That’s why the master came down to earth to investigate?“ The peach blossom finally understood why the flower God had an awkward face in the mortal world. Isn’t it? I don’t know how it happened, but it was said that the breath of the missing gods was in the mortal world, so everyone was in a mess. The Chinese rose grinned and winked at the peach blossom. So, in order to help our master, shall we go to the palace of the recently missing dementor to investigate? Then we are clearly counting the bamboo immortals who are both disciples. That smile is clearly going to make trouble, peach blossom dark sigh, had to let her.
The soul-taking star officer is also a God with a head and a face in heaven. His rank has reached the first rank, not counting the God officer. Moreover, there are many disciples under his seat. The main hall surrounded by many small islands is also magnificent. However, because the star officer himself has disappeared, the disciples under his seat are all looking for him. Therefore, the peach blossom and the Chinese rose have taken advantage of the void to enter, and the bamboo fairy at the head of the prison has followed him step by step. Whoa! The peach blossoms that had just stepped into the hall could not help exclaiming. It’s really the temple of the Great God. It’s really amazing. The hall of the flower God is open and elegant, and everywhere is covered with exotic flowers and plants, but the main house of the dementor is as high as the two-story building of the other hall. The towering walls are all covered with red sandalwood shelves, and colorful glass mirrors are placed in rows of shelves, of which the brightest one is suspended in midair, like a colorful bell. The Chinese rose, who also had a stunning look on her face, was also extremely excited to see those mirrors. She was already playing with the glass mirrors like turning over mountains and seas. The peach blossom went up and couldn’t help asking, „What on earth are you looking for?“? What are these mirrors? The Chinese rose answered her excitedly as she turned it over: „The dementor is in charge of memory, his own memory, the memories of everyone in heaven that are here, and all the forgotten memories are here!“! Maybe, there are some secrets of heaven, such as the love history of the Great God, and so on. Look for them quickly. Great God Gossip Love History. The peach blossom scratched her head and followed her to look around. The Chinese rose suddenly exclaimed, and a mirror like the color of the Chinese rose fell down under their rummaging. Look at this! It’s my favorite color! The voice of the Chinese rose, full of surprise, raised a glass mirror, which showed pink and yellow color light, the Chinese rose wiped the mirror with her sleeve, and in the cry of peach blossom, the three immortals fell into the pink and yellow memories at the same time. War drums all over the sky, the red flag across the blood-red sky, one of the horses holding an iron spear riding in front of the array, in the blood-red battlefield like a God of war, ten thousand enemies under the momentum of a face is very soft, that person slightly raised his hand, the face that does not match the battlefield will disappear under the mask like a ghost. Whoa! So handsome,plastic pallet manufacturer, Chinese rose, the handsome guy you like. The peach blossom topped the Chinese rose, but she was stunned when she saw her. binpallet.com

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