With a slight rub of his long fingers, he teased her to make a sound and continued, „It’s the love of an ordinary woman.“. How can you like it? Want to spoil her, want her to laugh, but do not know how to make her laugh. Like her, everything in the world can get what it wants. Even if it is a rare treasure, she is not rare. It’s just this piece of stone. It was the benefit of his bloody battle to destroy the city, and the case of the son of heaven could also show his heart. For the first time, I personally delivered something to a woman. He was not good at expressing his ideas with words, but hoped that she could understand his heart. She raised her hand around his neck, smiled at the corners of her eyes, kissed him, kissed him again, and her lips were full of water, but she did not open her mouth. For the first time, a man gave her something. She bears the weight of a country. What do you want? Who else can please her? But this piece of stone. But it was the result of his conquest and capture, and it was precious and rare in the world. He cannot get the traces of Jiulong Tiancheng, and she cannot have them. Lean in front of him. The flowers in my heart are blooming one after another. Colorful all over the heart. As proud as he was, he was willing to give her this thing. Under the statue of the emperor. The lingering feeling is leisurely. How could he speak out the meaning of this thing one by one? She knew it in her heart. Seeing that he had given her the things of the Son of Heaven and had not heard his advice to abandon the country, he realized that he was willing to look at her and no longer regarded her as a woman who could surrender. I just want to go shoulder to shoulder. Even if we can’t stay together, so what. She slid her hand down his face and pressed it against his chest, chuckling. „You gave me this, but I have nothing to give you.“ He laughed in a low voice,tile trim factory, reached sideways to extinguish the candle on the table beside the couch, pressed her on the couch again, pulled the satin brocade quilt over their bodies, turned over and hugged her tightly to their chest, but said nothing more. It took twelve years to get a spring feeling tonight. At this moment, his heart is full, and he can’t ask for anything else. It was enough to see her smile and know that she understood his heart. She quietly pillowed her head on his chest, listening to his strong heartbeat, scratching his body with her hand,stainless steel tile trim, occasionally looking up at him, and seeing that he had not closed his eyes, she could not bear to sleep. He grabbed her little hand and shook it hard. „Tired, but not sleeping?“ She rubbed against his shoulder. „I don’t want to sleep.“ It was rare to have such a night to snuggle with him, but she did not know whether she could see him again in the future, and how she could be willing to close her eyes in his arms. In the dark, his pale eyes can still be seen, his gentle eyes are intoxicating, and his heart will be drowned by him. The fingertips that scratched his body suddenly touched a shallow dent under his ribs, which seemed to be a knife wound. She touched it and whispered, „How many injuries have you had over the years..“ His body stiffened a little for a moment, then he rolled over her and put his arm on her side. The light in his eyes darkened a little. „This wound was caused by an assassination at the beginning of his accession to the throne.“ Her fingers trembled and her heart was frightened, but she did not know what to say. I thought it was the wound of the battlefield, but it inadvertently touched the scar hidden in his heart. He pinched her chin and whispered, „Unlike you, I have eight brothers.“ Concise, aluminum tile trim ,stainless steel tile edging, but enough for her to understand. She lowered her eyes, withdrew her hand, sighed low, and was about to open her mouth when her lips were blocked by him. After a while, he looked up and gasped. Without looking at her, he just said, „Don’t say anything.“ She had always said that he was cruel and domineering, and that he was changeable, but she didn’t think about what had made him like this. Since childhood and long road scenery is infinite, but in the mother’s funeral when only then knew the deep palace to resent. When he ascended the throne at a young age, he was admired by millions of people, but he was completely deadlocked when his brothers and sisters killed each other. The world is full of chaos and hegemony. What kind of price and what kind of blood and sweat do we need to pay to have the weight of one side nowadays. She only said that he was a man, so everything was easy. But I don’t know how terrible the road behind him is, and how many bones and tears there are on it. He looked down at her and suddenly said, „How does it feel to be threatened by the student Fu Que?“ She was powerless to sigh, and her heart was filled with boredom. „Don’t mention it.“ With a muffled snort, he scooped her up and pressed her into his arms. „You’re still not tough enough.“ He kissed her and said, „You’re not strong enough..“ It was obviously true, but it poked a sore spot in her heart. She did not know his pain, and he did not understand her pain. It is difficult for both of them to be emperors, but the difficulties are quite different. She gave him a push and said in a low voice, „I’m staying here tonight. What should I do if the people in the palace know about it?“ His eyes swept over and he tightened his arms. „No one dares to speak.“.
You want to go? She nodded. „It’s not far from dawn, and I have to prepare a gift book early in the morning. I’ll stay here. It’s not polite.“ He burst out laughing, pinched her hard behind the waist, and then laughed again and said in a deep voice, „Your excuse is too cheap.“. You and I have known each other so far, which time have we been polite? She wanted to speak again, but his big palm fell, swept her face, forced her to close her eyes, and did not let her speak again. His heart beat faster and faster under his thick chest, and his low voice rang in her ear. „You’ve been here for so long, but you haven’t noticed anything wrong in this hall?“ Her eyelids jumped, and then she remembered. Previously, as far as the eye could see, it was surrounded by red and gold threads, and everything in the hall did not look like the color he liked. A sudden reaction. Holding his arm firmly, she felt nervous. She opened her mouth and closed it three times. Then she asked in a trembling voice, „This temple..“ Is it the place where we will have a banquet tomorrow? I’m so tired today. Stay up until midnight to write three thousand words, wipe tears. Really can not endure, wipe tears. The third volume is as happy as a lifetime, and the joy is endless. His eyes flashed, and though he did not answer, his face was noncommittal. She breathed hard and pushed him aside, but before he could react, she turned over and stayed, acting in a hurry and panic, as if to escape. She could not see clearly in the dark. As soon as her bare feet reached the ground, she was severely stirred by the objects on the ground. The next moment, she fell to the ground and knocked her left knee heavily. The pain made her sweat between her eyebrows. She was panting and in great pain, trying to get up but unable to do so. The heart is more nervous,aluminum tile edge trim, almost can not think, only feel this hall brick cold through the heart, so that she can not help but tremble. A pair of warm palms picked her up from behind.

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