He took another look at the map outlined by Xu Zhiqing. From Wuyuan in the east to Yiwu in the west, the vast expanse of land beyond Kuncang Mountain to the north was the Turkic sphere of influence. Dahua is known as the Celestial Kingdom, with vast territory and abundant resources. Compared with the Turks, it has no advantage in terms of geographical area alone. However, most of the Turkic territories are grasslands and deserts, which are separated from the land of fish and rice in Dahua. Miss Xu, I always have a question that I don’t understand. Lin Wanrong thought for a moment and said earnestly, „The land of the Turks is so big that it is almost the same as that of Dahua. How many people do they have?“ Xu Zhiqing sighed slightly and stretched out four glittering and translucent fingers and shook them in front of him. Lin Wanrong looked at them in a daze: „Four hundred thousand people, so many?“? I’m afraid this battle will take years! Angry and amused, Xu Zhiqing said angrily, „Do you have any brains?“? If there were only four hundred thousand Turkic people, how bold would he be to invade the hinterland of Dahua? There seemed to be some truth in it. Lin Wanrong smiled shyly. Hu Bugui was afraid that the two of them would quarrel again. He said hurriedly, „What Miss Xu means is that there are 400,000 Turkic able-bodied men in their prime, and there are millions of ordinary people. This is the number of years ago.“. In recent years, they have defeated Tiele and Qiuci and dominated the grasslands and deserts. Power is growing rapidly, and now I don’t know how many people have increased. Four hundred thousand men? Lord Lin stuck out his tongue, which was very different from the Turks he had known in his previous life. It is clearly a great country that can almost stand up to Dahua. Brother Gao, let me ask again. „He lowered his voice and said carefully to Li Yi,plastic pallet bin,“ There are so many Turks. How many military forces have I, Dahua, stationed at the border? In my humble opinion, how can I get six or seven hundred thousand yuan? Gao Qiu shook his head slightly and looked embarrassed. Xu Zhiqing snorted, „Do you think this is a mud-kneading man? You can have as many as you want.“? We have Japanese harassment in southern China, and at least one hundred thousand troops are stationed in the southeast. And at the northern foot of the Great Wall. Three battalion soldiers total more than three hundred thousand, plus the commander in chief to the north another three hundred thousand elite,collapsible bulk container, a total of six hundred thousand troops. I, Dahua, have done my best. All the able-bodied men came out and vowed to fight the barbarians to the death. Six hundred thousand Dahua elite compared to four hundred thousand Turkic fighters, simply can’t take advantage of, Kui old man also vowed to eradicate Hu Lu, Lin Wanrong shook his head with a wry smile. Looking at his helpless face. Xu Zhiqing said faintly, „In terms of the number of people, I, Dahua, have the upper hand, and we are on the defensive.“. It is not easy for the barbarians to fight a decisive battle with us. But to our disadvantage, the front line of our army is too long, the Turkic cavalry is flexible and has no worries, mobile garbage bin ,plastic pallet manufacturer, only need to break through a little, our defense line will be completely ineffective. That’s what worries me most. She sighed a little, and her bright cheeks shone softly in the dusk. The faint look of worry in his eyes deeply infected everyone. The heavy burden was on the shoulders of a weak woman. It really embarrassed her. Flexible?! Miss Xu’s words seemed to remind Lin Wanrong that his heart moved and his eyes stared at Xu Zhiqing’s charming cheeks, and he froze for a moment. Brother, what’s going on? Why, you’re drooling. „Look at Lord Lin. His eyes are wide open and his mouth is round. It seems that he is a chimpanzee who has not evolved well. I don’t know what stimulated him. His eyes are staring straight at Xu Junshi. He pulls his sleeve hurriedly and reminds him in a low voice.“ Oh, really? „Lin Wanrong sobered up. He wiped his sleeve at the corners of his mouth and said with a smile,“ Brother Gao likes to joke. This is clearly the dew that falls at night. What does it have to do with saliva? Under normal circumstances, I will only drool when I see a beautiful woman. Brother Gao, don’t make a mistake. Gao Chieftain Hu Bugui and others burst out laughing, Xu Zhiqing slightly lowered his head, but did not forget to stare at him, pink neck faintly floating a touch of bright red, against her glittering cheeks charming and moving. When everyone had laughed enough, Lin Wanrong straightened his expression and said, „Master Xu, I don’t understand one thing.“.
The Turkic cavalry is just as flexible. Why do you say they have no worries?! „Isn’t it?!“ Xu Zhiqing took a few glances at him and said softly, „I, the soldiers of Dahua, defend the city tenaciously. In order to protect the integrity of our territory, I dare not move half a minute easily. I am beaten passively everywhere.“. The Turks, on the other hand, went deep into the desert and grasslands. They did not divide the country at all, nor did they have the responsibility to defend the country. Hundreds of thousands of cavalry did not need to defend their country. They came and went as soon as they said they would. They were relieved to attack and retreat, and they firmly grasped the initiative in their hands. What else is there to worry about?! The Turks are nomadic people, and Miss Xu is right to say that they are free to come and go. Lin Wanrong nodded and said slowly, „The strategist is right. The border line of the barbarians is fluid. There is really no need to protect the land.“. But I don’t agree that they have no worries at all. Look at his eyes straight flash, with Xu Zhiqing’s understanding of him, we know that this person must have some ghost idea. There was a little hope in her heart, but her expression was as calm as water. She nodded lightly and said, „I’d like to hear more about it.“ Lin Wanrong sighed, „As Miss Xu said just now, the barbarians come and go whenever they want. If there is no man’s land in or out of Dahua, why?!“ „Probably because they are strong.“ Hu Bugui whispered. Lin Wanrong shook his head: „No matter how strong the strength is, I will not take Dahua as a soft persimmon.“. As far as I can see, the reason why the barbarians are free to come and go is caused by our own conservative decision-making, blindly taking a defensive position, he does not bully you to bully who? To put it crudely, this is the result of our indulgence of them, and we have only ourselves to blame. Really very ugly, don’t Miss Xu and General Lin quarrel again, Du Xiuyuan carefully look at General Lin, and then look at Xu Zhiqing,plastic pallet supplier, heart at sixes and sevens. „Brother Lin,“ Gao said doubtfully, „I don’t understand what you’re saying. The Turks are invading our frontier. Don’t we defend the city? They are so powerful that it should be good for us to avoid their edge and defend the city. It should be similar to Gao Qiu.

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