What’s going on? Brother Hugh is green, isn’t he? He did not leave immediately, but asked someone to call Xu Yanxiu: „Go and call brother Xiu out, quickly.“ The other party ran to the classroom as fast as he could. Yang Chao looked at Su Tian without blinking. The little girl was much shorter than Zhang Yang. When she talked to the other side, she had to look up. Her face was a little shy. Far away, he almost pulled up his ears and threw them over without hearing what the other side said. Xu Yanxiu soon came out and asked with a particularly unhappy face, „What’s the matter?“ Yang Chao touched Su Tian’s direction with his chin: „Brother Xiu, the green one seems to be you.“ Xu Yanxiu looked down his eyes and his face was cold. Also do not know what the girl said to the other side, the other side laughed like a wolf with a big tail back to the classroom, and then saw the girl back. Su Tian did not know how long Xu Yanxiu had been looking at her, but as soon as she looked back, she saw the boy standing beside the fence, looking at her with the kind of eyes that wanted to kill her. She did not do anything guilty, not afraid of ghosts calling the door, pulled Zhao Yiran to the classroom. Xu Yanxiu put his tongue against his cheek and looked at Yang Chao with special sadness: „So, brother is really green?“ Yang Chao patted him on the shoulder: „Take it easy, there are many good girls.“ „No,“ Xu Yanxiu gnashed his teeth and said, „I want her.“ Su Tian just explained to Zhang Yang, he is also very understanding to agree, Su Tian mood is much better. But just now Xu Yanxiu’s face was so scary that he didn’t know what crazy he was smoking! Soon Xu Yanxiu entered the classroom,hot tub wholesale, nose is not nose, face is not face asked: „What do you want Zhang Yang to do?“ Su Tian didn’t want to tell him, „nothing.“ Xu Yanxiu grinds his teeth angrily: „I didn’t see it. You are quite powerful. Even the boys in the next class can win it.“ „Don’t talk nonsense,“ Su Tian said angrily. Xu Yanxiu asked in reply, „Why am I talking nonsense? How do you know him?“ Su Tian refused to say: „Why tell you?“ The girl’s little face was white and red, like a ripe red apple. Xu Yanxiu really wanted to go up and take two bites, but he held back. The next afternoon, just after the third class,endless pool swim spa, the boys rushed out with basketballs in their arms. Su Tian took out a bottle of water from the table box, which she had prepared for Xu Yanxiu. The basketball match consumed a lot of energy, and she was sure to be thirsty. She prepared in advance to avoid looking for water everywhere. Although recently and Xu Yanxiu always quarrel, but she is still unnatural for him to consider a lot of things. Su Tian is sometimes very confused, do not know what happened to her, but do not let her do so, she felt empty. What are you thinking about? Zhao Yiran looked at her in a daze and urged, „Go, go, it’s time to start.“ „Oh,“ Su Tian came to her senses and went to the back playground with her. All the players on the court are the basketball elites of the two classes, all of them are masters. At this moment, they are standing on the basketball court to grind their fists and get ready. Su Tian and Zhao Yiran stood outside the court and became nervous before they started. Zhao Yiran kept saying, „Look at the tall man in Class 16. They say he can hit people very well. Don’t hit Yang Chao for a while.“ „You see Yang Chao is in a good state today, endless swimming pool ,best whirlpool tub, but why is his shoelace open?“ „Hey Yang Chao, Yang Chao-tie your shoelaces quickly!“ Zhao Yiran looked anxious to throw down Su Tian and ran to the field. At this time, Yang Chao also found that his shoelaces were open and bent down to tie them quickly. Zhao Yiran retreated again. Su Tian looked at her in particular surprise: „Zhao Yiran, what’s the matter with you?“ „What’s the matter?“ Asked Zhao Yiran. Su Tian: „How can you be more anxious than Yang Chao himself? If he hadn’t found out by himself, would you have tied it to him personally?“ Su Tian was so straightforward that Zhao Yiran blushed, „Su Tian, what are you talking about?“ Intuition Zhao Yiran and Yang Chao have a problem, Su Tian thought for a while, especially serious said: „Zhao Yiran you confess leniently, protest severely, to be honest, you and Yang Chao is not what the problem?“ Being pointed out so bluntly, Zhao Yiran did not hide it, „Hey, that Yang Chao is chasing me.“ „Chasing you?“ Su Tian was so surprised that she almost dropped her jaw.
I don’t know why, but the word „chase“ suddenly became very charming in her heart. Why is he chasing you? Zhao Yiran, who had been shouting just now, suddenly became coy: „Just write a love letter, then invite you to dinner, give you a small gift, and there’s nothing else.“ „Write a love letter?“ Su Tian has never confiscated love letters, growing up, although she is very popular with everyone, she thinks that popularity is also very good, but there is no love letter to her. What did he write? Zhao Yiran: „It’s nothing. Brother Xiu will write you a love letter one day. It must be better than Yang Chao’s.“ Su Tian shrunken mouth, „Xu Yanxiu’s composition is negative every time, how can he write a good love letter?“ But what about his love letters? Zhao Yiran smiled, „Don’t worry, everyone who falls in love will become a poet. The love letter of Xiao Ba Wang must be the most special.“ Su Tian imagined the appearance of Xu Yanxiu’s love letter, but she suddenly realized a problem, in case his love letter was written to someone else, then she would never have a chance to read it? Thinking so, she lowered her eyelids with some disappointment, but at this time she heard the referee whistle, she was awakened and subconsciously looked at the center of the game. Xu Yanxiu and Zhang Yang of Class 16 served together, and the two were at daggers drawn from the very beginning, and they were facing each other. Xu Yanxiu usually plays as a gentleman, but today I don’t know what happened. He made strange moves, attacked fiercely, and it was difficult to distinguish between true and false. Not only did his opponents find no way out, but his own people began to be confused. Yang Chao was so angry that he shouted to him: „Brother Hugh, this is playing ball, not hitting people. Are you still OK?“ In this way, Xu Yanxiu slowed down his movements slightly. Su Tian in the side to see the soul-stirring, she began to be embarrassed to give Xu Yanxiu refueling, always feel that it is better to be a lady, to the end of the mood also can not care,whirlpool bathtub, the audience she shouted the loudest: „Xu Yanxiu, come on!“ „Xu Yanxiu, come on.“ ……。

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