Because of his pause, the things behind him finally caught up. The little boy could only watch helplessly as a growing black shadow behind him overwhelmed his shadow and swallowed him up at once. Whew- „“ Yan Chu woke up from a nightmare, and as soon as he opened his eyes, he saw a pair of red eyes appear in front of him. The fright in the dream had not yet calmed down, and he was startled again. He sat up immediately, his back clinging to the back of the bed, and looked warily at the female ghost who suddenly appeared. Whir- „“ Before Yan Chu accused the female ghost of being scary, the red-eyed female ghost patted her chest and accused her of staring at him, looking aggrieved and frightened by him. Looking at the female ghost showing such an expression, Yan Chu was not afraid, he touched the cold sweat behind him because of the nightmare, got up and got out of bed, also ignored the little female ghost, turned to the bathroom, intending to wipe his body. So far, he could not feel the traces of the existence of the female ghost, or even from her body, which was a situation that Martial Uncle had never talked about, and the appearance of the female ghost did not look like a living soul out of body. At present, the female ghost is dull, there is no malice to him, and there is no need to guard against it for the time being. The little female ghost seemed to stick to him, where he went to follow, Yan Chu took off his coat to wipe the body,small geared motors, she did not shy away from watching, Yan Chu closed the door, but the female ghost did not have any defense, can only watch her come from the other side of the wall in the process of scrubbing. Later, Yan Chu simply laissez-faire, anyway, as early as in the evening bath, was seen light. It’s different. The little girl ghost reaches out to poke Yan Chu’s chest, she is a ghost,brushless gear motor, her fingers of course through Yan Chu’s body, and can not have direct contact. Don’t push your luck. It’s not enough to just look at it, but also want to touch it. This year’s female ghost is almost over. Yan Chu put on his clothes, went to the refrigerator in the kitchen and opened a bottle of coke. After drinking the cold drink, his brain suddenly became excited and sobered up a lot. Come on, where are you from? This female ghost looks quite good to talk to, Yan Chu sits on the sofa, looking at the female ghost that follows him to float over to ask. From here. The little female ghost pointed to Yan Chu, tilted her head and smiled sweetly: „Ah Chu, with Ah Chu.“ She said she wanted to be close to Yan Chu, but did not know what to think of, and stepped back a few steps, learning the appearance of Yan Chu, sitting in the other corner of the sofa. If you look closely, you can see that her buttocks are still some distance away from the sofa, which is actually floating. Don’t hate it, be a good boy. She shook her head with a timid look, gear reduction motor ,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, just like the wronged daughter-in-law, who had nothing to do with ghosts. From me? Yan Chu frowned and pointed to himself. Here. The female ghost shook her head, indicating that he pointed to the wrong position, but she could not touch Yan Chu’s hand, so she could only get closer and point to the jade pendant that Yan Chu was wearing. Chu’s. I’m with Chu. If she were a person, she would be shy at the moment, and her cheeks were red, which made people pity and love her. But she is just a female ghost, blue and white skin suffused with dead gas, plus that pair of red eyes, as if blood can flow out at any time, obviously want to show is shy, but looks more strange, three points cold. You mean you live in this jade pendant? Yan Chu picked up the jade pendant that had always been worn close to his body. It was worn on him by his parents before the accident. When the original body was found by Lao Dao, Lao Dao had also tested the jade pendant. At that time, he only thought it was a more profound protective jade pendant. Unexpectedly, there was a female ghost hidden in the jade pendant. Why haven’t I seen you out before? Yan Chu asked a pause, he forgot, before he came to the original eye of heaven and closed, that is to say, even if the little female ghost came out, he could not see. Chu is afraid, don’t see, I am good. The little girl ghost raised her head and looked at Yan Chu timidly. Her words were somewhat confused. Yan Chu guessed that it might be because she hated all ghosts, so the little girl ghost dared not come out, because now he had eased his attitude towards ghosts, so she came out. It just seems like there are still some problems.
„What’s your name and how did you get into this jade pendant?“ There was no blood on the female ghost in front of her, that is to say, she had never killed anyone or eaten ghosts. Because of her original body, she had been hiding alone in the jade pendant and dared not come out. Especially looking at her appearance, she was only sixteen or seventeen years old when she died. It was very pitiful. Yan Chu slowed down his voice and asked gently. Don’t know? The little female ghost tilted her head and pointed to herself. „Ah Chu’s. Ah Chu and I are together.“ It is estimated to be afraid of being abandoned, or perhaps more than 10 years of unilateral get along, the little female ghost has long been accustomed to the existence of Yan Chu. She did not dare to talk to the original body, but really watched each other grow up, such feelings, enough for this slightly naive girl to define the relationship between the two as a whole. I don’t hate it. I’m good. Little female ghost seems to remember before the original attitude towards ghosts, seems to be afraid of Yan Chu do not want her, want to come up to pull Yan Chu’s sleeve, she remembers, TV is so played, as long as the heroine did so, the hero will be very happy. But she forgot again, she is only a female ghost, simply can not touch Yan Chu. The bright red eyes looked a little dim, and the little ghost looked at her hand, and the whole ghost looked a little frustrated. I don’t hate you. Yan Chu some softhearted, treat the good child, he never hard down heart. The female ghost’s eyes lit up and flashed directly in front of Yan Chu. Red eyes, white pupils in the middle, blue and purple blood vessels clearly visible on the face, such a face suddenly face to face with you, the tip of the nose to the tip of the nose, or a test of endurance. Fortunately,Vending Machine Motor, Yan Chu has seen the storm, if for a person, I’m afraid now has been scared to death.

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